Great to Grate! 11 Surprising Foods Worth Pulling Out Your Grater For

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s summer. It’s hot. We think this is a good time to discover some new kitchen shortcuts. When I first learned about grating garlic, it blew my mind – I didn’t know you could do that! No mess, finer consistency than chopping – genius. And now, here are 10 more foods you didn’t know you could grate!

Some of these will work best with a box grater, some with a mini Microplane. Overall, grating gives foods that are difficult to chop a new, smooth consistency, making them easier to blend into dishes. Just be careful with your fingers!

Some Great to Grate Ideas:
• Tomatoes
• Potatoes and Root Vegetables
• Ginger and Horseradish
• Frozen Bananas
• Cold Butter

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(Images: Williams-Sonoma and Cook’s Warehouse>)