Great Summer Meal: Homemade Vietnamese Spring Rolls

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our August theme Stay Cool! is wrapping up, but we still have a few more good ways to stay cool in the kitchen coming your way. One of our favorite cool and crunchy summer meals is spring rolls, and this recipe from Allen at Eating Out Loud is a great example of how easy they are.

Allen demonstrates how to soften the rice wrappers (which, by the way, are really inexpensive; this can be a very frugal meal too!) and gives his own recipe for peanut sauce. Add in shredded vegetables and perhaps a little meat and roll everything up together. It’s a fabulous summer meal, and one that we are planning on trying soon. We definitely want to try Allen’s peanut sauce recipe!

Do you have favorite fillings for spring rolls? We usually look to the garden — fresh mint, cilantro, and spicy basil give them a zing.

(Image: Allen of Eating Out Loud)


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