Great Make-Ahead Lunches for a Farmer at Harvesting Time?

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Q: My husband is a farmer, and it’s almost harvesting time. Any ideas on some good, non-sandwich based lunch items? Since he travels with a just lunchbox and blue ice, things that will spoil easily are out (mayo-based salad dressings, etc).

I would like something creative and healthy, and easy to eat (as they are sometimes using one hand). Making it ahead so they can just pick and choose from the fridge is handy too!

Sent by Erin

Editor: Erin, I definitely think first of some kind of handheld pie or pocket, like a calzone stuffed with a filling that can stay at room temperature for a while (like chickpeas and spinach, for instance).

Readers, what else would you suggest?

(Image: Emma Christensen)