The Super-Cute Baking Mats I Break Out for Multiple Dinners a Week

published Mar 15, 2023
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Hands reaching into baked goods placed on baking mat.
Credit: Courtesy of Great Jones

As a former pastry chef, I’m more than familiar with nonstick silicone mats. I use them in my kitchen and, fun fact, I used the same five Silpat mats for years at the bakery, too. But as functional as they are, most silicone mats look as utilitarian as they sound. Maybe it’s because I had to decorate dozens of donuts in my past life, or because I’m the type of person to make my own sprinkles, but if a kitchen essential isn’t also aesthetically pleasing, I don’t want it. Thankfully, Great Jones’ Sweet and Savory Baking Mats are like little works of art.

What’s So Great About Great Jones’ Sweet and Savory Baking Mats?

They’re thin, flexible silicone mats perfectly sized to fit in any half sheet pan (like the editor-favorite Holy Sheet pan for the perfect colorful companion). Unlike parchment paper that can be reused only a handful of times before it gets a bit too grimy, these BPA-free silicone beauties can be reused time and time again. 

And when I say beauties, I mean it. The mats come in a set of two: One is covered in prints of baking essentials like bags of sugar and sticks of butter, while the other features more savory ingredients like fish, cabbage, and knobs of garlic. Basically, they’re a gorgeous one-time investment that’ll end your parchment paper (and foil) purchases and liven up your prep area. 

I rely on the pretty mats almost nightly, although I hate covering up the prints. Whether I’m tossing a batch of cookie dough in the oven, roasting rough-cut root veggies, or (most likely) throwing together a quick sheet pan dinner, I’ve found that these mats make for a consistent nonstick surface and a practically hands-off cleanup situation. Having a set also means I can maximize my efforts and cook two sheet pans’ worth of sweet and savory dishes at the same time — hence the name. 

Just place them in a half sheet pan, top with meringue rounds for a spring-themed pavlova (or a whole herb stuffed trout, or a jelly roll, or … well, you get it), then roast, bake, or broil. Not only does the food lift right off without anything sticking, but I also absolutely love that I can throw the mats right into the dishwasher for fuss-free cleanup. After weeks of almost-nightly dishwashing cycles, the mats still look as good as new without any fraying or color fading. Once dry, roll them up and stick them in a cabinet. Or you can try my preferred storage method: Just stack them underneath your measuring cups or tea towels (you’re going to use them the next day anyway!). 

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