The Cult-Favorite Cookware Brand, Great Jones, Just Launched a New Pan That’s Bigger and Better

updated Jan 23, 2020
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Credit: Great Jones

Great Jones is proving that they’re more than just a flash in the pan. In less than two full years as a business, the cookware start-up has earned its staying power with smart, functional products that are so visually stunning that customers can’t wait to cook with (and Instagram) them.

Up until today, the brand had a suite of six products to choose from: The Dutchess (a 6.75-quart enameled dutch oven), Big Deal (a stainless steel stock pot), Saucy (a lidded saucier), Deep Cut (a sauté pan/skillet hybrid), Small Fry (a ceramic 8.5-inch non-stick skillet) and Holy Sheet (their blueberry-hued half sheet pan).

However, after many impassioned customer inquiries, Great Jones finally decided to add a new heavy hitter to the mix: Large Fry, a 10.25-inch ceramic skillet.

Credit: Great Jones

Buy: Large Fry, $65 at Great Jones

“It’s our most-requested design from customers — a larger version of our ceramic nonstick Small Fry, which has none of the scary chemicals often found in nonstick pans. It costs just $65 and can fit five eggs (as opposed to Small Fry’s two),” Great Jones co-founder, Sierra Tishgart, told us.

Credit: Great Jones

So what differentiates Great Jones’ nonstick coating from others on the market? “It’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but still safe for use in ovens and dishwashers. Something else that’s different: We apply the nonstick coating to a fully clad stainless-steel base to ensure food heats evenly. (Most nonstick skillets are aluminum which doesn’t last as long),” Tishgart said.

At the moment, Large Fry isn’t included in either of the Great Jones cookware bundles (Family Style or Easy Bake) but we have a hunch that that will change soon. In the meantime, you can buy the Large Fry as a one-off or add it to your already prized suite of Great Jones goods.

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