The $35 Pan I’ll Be Using on Repeat All Winter Long

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Quick: What’s your favorite piece of cookware? If you’re, say, over the age of 21, I’m guessing you have one. (It’s part of adulting. Like having a favorite burner on your stovetop.) Maybe, though, it changes based on the season or time of year? (Because you have range!) It’s mid-November as I write this. The weather hasn’t been terribly cold just yet, but I know it’s coming. And it’s looking like my state may be headed toward a second round of stay-at-home orders. So I’m hunkering down (still) and getting cozy with my kitchen. Which brings me to my favorite piece of cookware of the moment: the Holy Sheet sheet pan from Great Jones.

As fall changes to winter, I’m realizing this is the one pan I seem to be using consistently every day. My Dutch oven may only get pulled out every other day; ditto for my cast iron skillet. My Holy Sheet baking sheet? Well, that’s been getting used at least once a day — usually more.

Credit: Danielle Centoni

As soon as summer’s over, I pretty much roast any and all vegetables nonstop. I also turn into a cookie-baking machine. Plus there’s pizza, nachos, totchos, crispy gnocchi, bacon, brownies, frittatas, and so much more. So I find myself reaching for a sheet pan a lot. And again, not just any sheet pan — it’s almost always gotta be my Holy Sheet.

Credit: Danielle Centoni

This blue stunner is more than just a pretty face. In fact, it made Kitchn’s official list of essential tools for 2020! It’s made in the United States with aluminized steel and is reinforced with steel rods, which means that, even after months of in-and-out-of-the-oven action, my pan still hasn’t warped. It also has a custom-made nonstick ceramic coating (crafted in Switzerland) that effortlessly releases things like cookies and eggs and requires very little TLC. And as of last week, the sheet pan is now available in “Broccoli” green.

If my Holy Sheet is dirty, it’s worth noting that I’ll also pull out my sheet pan from Made In, which is also proving to be especially great and a million times better than the cheap-o sheet pans I had picked previously along the way. My point? Quality sheet pans for the win this winter!

What’s your favorite piece of cookware right now? Tell us in the comments below.