Great Jones’ Black Friday Sale Is On, and It Includes the Sheet Pan Our Editors Can’t Stop Raving About

published Nov 7, 2022
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Andrea Surette's kitchen.
Credit: Jennifer Chase

We’re coming up on that time of year when you’re likely to spend way more time in the kitchen than usual. Even if you’re not hosting guests for Thanksgiving and the remaining winter holidays, chances are, you’re expected to bring a dish or two to each upcoming festivity. Suffice to say, you’ll need some heavy-duty cookware that can stand up to numerous cycles through the oven, the dining table, and the dishwasher. That’s where Great Jones comes in. This editor-favorite, direct-to-consumer brand has everything you could possibly need in terms of cookware, including mixing bowls we can’t get enough of, a Dutch oven that’s as stylish as it is tough, and a muffin pan that passed the nonstick test.

What’s more, you can purchase all of these items (and plenty others) for up to 50 percent off during Great Jones’ early Black Friday sale — no discount code required. The sale is on through Nov. 28, but you don’t want to wait too long to stock up on these best-selling kitchen necessities. Check out our favorite picks below, and get shopping!

1 / 10
Great Jones
was $105.00

Mixed metals have never looked so good. You'll want to grab this small saucepan not only for its snazzy appearance, but also because it's convenient for preparing a number of dishes — plus, you don't have to wash a huge pan after your meal. The Saucy also has a spout for mess-free pours and laser-etched interior measurements. And, if you need something bigger, Great Jones has a stock pot and sauté pan in the same family.

2 / 10
Great Jones

As you've likely already gathered, we're obsessed with this sheet pan. Whether you're roasting veggies or baking cookies, it's going to have your back every time. This is one of those pieces that you'll keep in your kitchen for years and years, thanks in part to its durable aluminized steel construction. Right now, the Holy Sheet is marked down $10 in the broccoli and raspberry colors — we think they make quite the cute combo.

3 / 10
Great Jones

The first things that'll catch your eye about the Dutchess are its enticing color (there are seven to choose from!) and its pleasing oval shape. But beyond its pretty exterior, this 6.57-quart Dutch oven is made of stain-resistant cast iron that evenly roasts large dishes in the oven and on the cooktop. We don't know about a turkey, but you can easily fit an entire chicken in this stovetop stunner.

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Great Jones

This three-piece set of different-sized mixing bowls is $35 off for Black Friday, so you'll definitely want to snag your own trio while they last. The bowls are emblazoned with Great Jones' signature colors in a retro-style print. More importantly, they're safe to put in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher, so you can use them for both cooking and storing leftovers. And, unlike plastic alternatives, these bowls are made of a sturdy ceramic material.

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Great Jones
was $45.00

Typically, you'll want to pour your cupcake or muffin batter into paper cups to avoid sticking before placing them in the baking pan. But, that's not necessary with the widely beloved Stud Muffin. Like the rest of Great Jones' bakeware, this 12-cup muffin pan is made of aluminized steel that prevents sticking, scraping, and scrubbing. Your confections will pop out with ease and without any raw spots in the center.

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Great Jones
was $120.00

For times when the Dutchess' size isn't necessary, opt instead for a Dutch Baby. It possesses the same amazing qualities as its parent pot — durable cast-iron construction, adorable design, cooking versatility — but in a much smaller package. It's perfect for smaller quantities and more low-key meals. You just might find yourself preparing home-cooked meals more often.

7 / 10
Great Jones
was $110.00

Although Great Jones is probably best known for its Dutch ovens, the brand also sells this equally awesome cast-iron skillet. The King Sear is just the thing for searing meat and carmelizing veggies — guests will no doubt be popping into the kitchen to see what smells so delicious. The skillet is 12 inches across and also oven-safe, so it might even become your go-to for quickly heating up leftovers.

8 / 10
Great Jones
was $75.00

Fall and winter are all about the casseroles, which is why you'll want to stock up on pieces like this 9-by-13-inch hot dish. You can really make anything in this ceramic dish, including bread, stuffing, mac and cheese, and even dessert pastries. If you need something smaller, there's a mini size, too! But for $35 off, we think this one is well worth the money.

9 / 10
Great Jones

It might be pie season, but you can still get plenty of use out of this stainless-steel cake pan. Perhaps the coolest part of this piece is its groovy bottom — no, literally — which prevents your creations from sticking and becoming misshapen. This feature also makes the pan super easy to clean.

10 / 10
Great Jones
was $50.00

Sometimes, even if you take all the necessary precautions, your baked goods come out scorched and stuck to the sheet. I can't offer you a scientific explanation for why that happens, but I can suggest that you invest in this ingenious cooling rack. Place it right on top of the Holy Sheet (it's a perfect size match), and watch as your biscuits or glazed carrots come out broiled to perfection and evenly warmed.