Great Jones Is Having a Rare Sale on Their Editor-Favorite Cast-Iron Cookware

published Sep 23, 2022
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Credit: Great Jones

Anyone who prioritizes style as much as function when it comes to cookware is probably already well aware of the ultra-chic Great Jones. While their cookware and bakeware are made with high-quality materials, they also happen to add a ton of charm and character to your kitchen. There are so many editor-favorite pieces from Great Jones, including the warp-free Holy Sheet pan, the gorgeous Dutchess Dutch oven, and the pot-luck-ready Hot Dish casserole dish that each come in an array of irresistible colors.

If you’re starting to gear up for cozy fall meals, you’ll want to check out the major sale happening right now at Great Jones on the Cast Iron Family, which includes the Kitchn Best List-approved Dutch oven. Although valued at $395, you can get it right now for just $250. Each of the three items included are just what you need for making hearty soups, stews, bread, braised meats, and more this fall and winter.

We’ll break down each piece included in the set so you can see if investing is right for you, starting with the one we’ve raved the most about in the past, the Dutchess Dutch oven. The Dutchess is a large, oval-shaped Dutch oven with a 6.75-quart capacity and an enameled cast-iron design. When we reviewed it last year, we were initially struck by its glamorous matte finish and the cheery bubblegum-pink hue we chose. To our surprise, nothing stained the sides, including pasta sauces and dark juices from stews. We also found that despite its oval shape, the pot still conducts and distributes heat evenly, resulting in beautiful browning and braising. The oval shape actually turned out to be quite versatile, allowing us to make a whole chicken with vegetables, meaning this Dutch oven can even double as a roasting pan without using the lid.

The Dutch Baby, as you can imagine, is a smaller, 3.5-quart round Dutch oven that features the same enameled cast-iron design with excellent heat conduction and retention properties. Unlike the Dutchess, this pot will sit perfectly over your burner, ensuring no cool spots. It’s the right size when cooking for one or two or making sides. And, when you’re done, it can actually be stored inside your Dutchess to save some space.

Finally, the King Sear is Great Jones’s family-sized cast-iron skillet that measures 12 inches in diameter and can serve a crowd. When we tested it out last year, we loved its ability to reach and maintain a high heat, ideal for searing meat. The shallow, straight sides make it unique from other cast-iron skillets, great for pan-roasting or making baked goodies such as cornbread. 

If you’re someone who can’t stop thinking about all the delicious recipes you’re going to make now that fall has officially started, then this amazing cast-iron cookware set is perfect for you — especially at its current great price.

Buy: Cast Iron Family, $250 (normally $390)