Great Jones’ Incredibly Stylish Measuring Cups Are the Versatile Tools My Kitchen Was Missing — Here’s Why

published Mar 9, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Ghazalle Badiozamani; Food Stylist: Micah Morton

I get to test a lot of cool kitchen gadgets, cookware, and gear for work, and after years of writing about food, booze, and home decor, I like to think I’ve finally reached a point where I’m happy with the way my kitchen looks. I’ve got all the shiny countertop appliances I can fit in my tiny NYC apartment, plenty of sweet knives, a fancy dish rack, and more coffee paraphernalia than I know what to do with. However, after meticulously organizing all of my pots, pans, mugs, utensils, and everything else in my kitchen, I found it to be — somehow — a little too organized. Sure, it looked clean, but having to pull out 10 coffee mugs just to get to my citrus juicer was getting old. I needed more stuff that I could just leave out, without looking messy. And, after snagging Great Jones‘ new 2-cup and 4-cup Beyond Measure glass measuring cups, I realized that there’s always room for more home improvement. (And new toys.) 

These beauties are both microwave- and dishwasher-safe, made from sturdy borosilicate glass, feature precision-pour spouts, and have clear, printed measurements on the sides in ounces, cups, and milliliters — great for people (like me) who try not to do math in front of my guests. Obviously, the first thing I noticed about the Beyond Measure cups was their look. They come in two stunning colorways: Blueberry/Taffy and Broccoli/Butternut (I’m partial to the latter), and you can snag them individually or as a duo. And, if you weren’t cooking and prepping meals with them, you could probably use them as vases for flowers — seriously, these things are gorgeous. 

I have the larger one on my countertop for measuring large amounts of liquids and dry ingredients, such as flour, rice, and sugar. This is perfect for my girlfriend, who loves to bake, since she doesn’t have to constantly rummage around the cabinets — or worse, get the step stool — to find the measuring cup every time she needs it. I keep the other, smaller measuring cup on my bar cart, where it’s quickly taken the role of a chic, sleek mixing glass. It’s also super helpful for making batched cocktails and other drinks, since instead of having to measure everything out with a jigger (or eyeball it, like I usually do) I can just use the measurements on the side of the Beyond Measure cups instead. 

Credit: Ian Burke

However, I use it for so much more than making drinks. When I need to water my (admittedly, slowly dying) windowsill garden, I just fill this bad boy up from the tap, and the smooth-pouring spout makes it easy to sprinkle water over my herbs. It’s also the perfect size to make homemade mayonnaise and aiolis, since I can just whack in all of the ingredients and pulse a few times with my immersion blender. And, since the opening is just large enough for most models, there’s very little splatter or oil spills. 

Basically, these measuring cups have helped fill in the gaps in my culinary arsenal — whenever I need a vessel to measure ingredients, transport water, or even use as a coffee mug when all the others are dirty, the Beyond Measure is there. And, since they’re pretty enough to live on the counter, they’re always in arm’s reach. So, if you’re looking for a simple set of tools that are sure to make your life in the kitchen easier, look no further. 

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