Great Jones Just Launched a Bunch of Bakeware — And The Casserole Dish Is Ridiculously Amazing

updated Nov 9, 2020
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Great Jones casserole dish

I have a confession to make: When Great Jones first came out with its now-iconic Dutch oven a few years ago, I was on the fence about it. Sure, it was gorgeous, but I didn’t think it could compete with the likes of Staub and Le Creuset. And then I worked with another writer to test it and I changed my tune. This thing is legit and I have since become obsessed!

Fast forward to today and I’m equally as enamored of the brand’s popular and super-slippery nonstick ceramic skillet and this beautiful blue nonstick baking sheet. (It’s big of me to admit when I’m wrong, right?) All of that’s to say that, now, when Great Jones announces a new product, I listen. So imagine how alert I was when I heard that the brand was launching a whole line of bakeware!

The new items officially came out today, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the casserole dishes (aka Hot Dish!) weeks ago.

Credit: Great Jones

Upon unboxing my Hot Dish (the Great Jones product names are always so, well, great!), I already knew I was going to love it. See, the handles are big. They stick out almost two inches and are more than four inches long, which means there’s plenty of room for me to get in there and grab them with even my bulkiest (read: most insulated!) oven mitts. The new casserole dish comes in three colors (Blueberry, Mustard, and Broccoli) and I got a sunny yellow that literally made me smile, which was nice. But how does it perform?

Buy: Hot Dish, $75 at Great Jones

So far, I’ve made two breakfast casseroles (one sweet and one savory) and one “emergency ziti.” (I like to keep a ziti, packaged up in two-person servings, in the freezer at all times. You know, for emergencies!) All three sessions yielded fantastic results. Everything came out evenly cooked (no pockets of runny eggs or burned bottoms), the shape and sized proved to be perfect (it’s a 4-quart casserole dish, measuring 13×9.25×3 inches; I have a few other casserole dishes that are just too shallow or ever-so-slightly not big enough), and the dish came clean easily. I also liked that, even though I’m not entertaining right now, the dish could go from oven to table.

Back to the handles again, though. The handles are what makes this casserole dish ridiculously amazing. I’ve used a lot of casserole dishes in my career (it’s my job!) and most of them can be hard to grab — without putting your mitt right into the food. I’m hooked on these handles.

Credit: Great Jones

Other items in the bakeware collection include a pie dish (in the same three colors as the casserole dish), the Holy Sheet baking sheet in a fun new green color, a loaf pan (in green and blue), 9-inch round cake pans (in green and blue), and a seven-piece bundle (featuring two loaf pans, two cake pans, a pie dish, a casserole dish, and a baking sheet) that’s $40 cheaper than getting them all a la carte.

Credit: Great Jones

I haven’t gotten to try the rest of the pieces just yet, but I did just order the Breadwinner loaf pans (for all my banana bread baking needs) and I think the pie dish with be a hit this holiday season. If you get one thing from the new line, though, get that casserole dish!