Great Idea! Granola with Olive Oil The New York Times 7.10.09

published Jul 13, 2009
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Did you see Melissa Clark’s most recent recipe in The New York Times: Olive Oil Granola With Dried Apricots and Pistachios? And if you did, did you swoon straight away like we did?

Clark describes the taste of her inspiration: a $9/pound granola from Bklyn Larder: “As with most granola, the first bite was sweet and crunchy. But then the salt hit me, followed by something savory and almost bitter. The sweet-salty-bitter combo was addictive, like a Campari and soda with a bowl of salted almonds. I just couldn’t stop.” The secret ingredient? Olive oil.

We are huge fans of homemade granola; it’s such a cheap, easy breakfast that can be customized to taste. But we had never thought of adding olive oil. It makes perfect sense: the rich, fruity tastes of olive oil roasted in the oven with nuts and oats would be absolutely delicious.

But why stop at olive oil? We’re thinking about trying walnut or hazelnut oil too, drizzled over the hot granola right after baking. (Cooking at high heat destroys the flavors of more delicate nut oils.)

Have you ever used olive oil or another kind of oil in your granola? Are you going to try Clark’s recipe?

Read the article and get the recipe: Granola With a Perk of Olive Oil

Image: Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times