Great Idea: Cheese Plate Jar for Company

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Do you ever struggle to find snacks or appetizers for weekend parties or impromptu hosting? Look at this great idea from the amazing Maggie Mason of Mighty Goods & Co. It’s a cheese plate jar!

Maggie explained that they have a hard time keeping a stash of good snacks around for guests. So they instituted a cheese plate jar. It’s filled with nuts, chocolate, and other goodies that pair nicely with one good cheese, or even stand on their own as nibbles for company. It’s sealed up and only brought out for guests and spontaneous parties.

Read all about the snacks she suggests over at her blog, Might Girl. There are some super ideas in the comments, too.

Solution! Cheese Plate Jar at Mighty Girl

Do you keep a cheese plate jar? We are about to start one; it will be a good roundup for all the tempting little treats and snacks we still have from the holidays. We’ll pack them away for company instead of eating them all ourselves!

(Image: Margaret Mason. Reprinted by permission.)