Great Gift Idea: A Cookbook and …

updated May 2, 2019
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I know it might seem early to some, but I’m already thinking about my holiday gifts. This year I’ve decided to stay with a theme that I call ‘A Cookbook and …’ which means that all my gift recipients will get a cookbook plus a little something extra that relates to that book. An example would be a cookie cookbook with a baking sheet and a roll of parchment paper. Read on for my pairings and add a few of your own!

Here are just a few of my ideas. I’m also pairing the cookbook with the recipient, so my niece in her new apartment will get a copy of The Joy of Cooking and a few kitchen basics like measuring cups and spoons. All cookbooks will be wrapped in a tea towel or large napkin and tied furoshiki-style.

On Food and Cooking and a kitchen scale
Jamie at Home and several packets of vegetable seeds
The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook and a case of canning jars
Tartine Bread and a cast iron combo cooker
Plenty or Moro and hard to find, related spices like saffron, nigella seeds or sumac
Canal House Cooking subscription wrapped in a tea towel and tied with a tin of good anchovies or a jar of truffle salt
Good to the Grain and an assortment of unusual whole grain flours
Thai Street Food and essential Thai food ingredients like palm sugar, kaffir lime leaves and a bottle of fish sauce

Well, you get the idea. What are your cookbook pairing ideas?

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