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Graza and Fishwife Just Collaborated on the Most Delicious Tinned Fish I’ve Ever Tasted

published Aug 5, 2022
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Fishwife X Graza Campfire Cod
Credit: Fishwife

I’ve never liked tinned fish. Sure, I’ll take a good tuna salad sandwich every now and again, but by no means is canned fish my thing. What is my thing, however, are small brands that actively champion sustainable sourcing, fair wages, and high-quality ingredients and do it with some serious style. That’s why you might have read me fangirl-ing Acid League, professing my love to Fly By Jing, or nerding out over all the possible applications of Haven’s Kitchen sauces. So when three of our favorite brands here at Kitchn — Fishwife, Graza, and Diaspora Co. — announced they’d be releasing a collab can of fish this week, I figured if there was ever a chance to fall in love with the stuff, this was it.

Spoiler alert: I like love canned fish now. Well, Fishwife tinned fish at the very least.

The exciting new creation is called Campfire Cod — a smokey, satisfyingly decadent, savory treat that I need about 15 more tins of. The cod is hook-and-line caught by American fishermen and hand packed in small batches at a third-generation cannery. Which means that not only is the fish MSC-certified (a sustainable seafood certification) and wild-caught, the entire process from catching to shipping supports local, fair labor. Plus, as someone who loves fish and is environmentally conscious, I really appreciate that I can get in those Omega 3’s in a way that’s good for the planet and the people on every end of the production line, all without compromising on flavor.

Now, unlike my other coworkers who have long depended on Fishwife to spice up their WFH lunches, I am actually new to the female-founded brand. I came across this collab by way of Graza and Diaspora Co., which are both staples in my kitchen. I have no doubt that every single tin that comes from the funky, new-wave fish experts over at Fishwife is uber yummy, but I can’t help but think the Campfire Cod is extra, extra delicious due to the fact that it’s drenched in Graza olive oil and seasoned with a generous sprinkle of Diaspora Co.’s Aranya cracked black pepper.

Much like the ethos over at Fishwife, Graza’s olive oil is handpicked and subsequently bottled by a small team in Jaén, Spain (the region that produces more than half the world’s olive oil) — no outsourcing, no blending. Similarly, Diaspora Co. is a female-owned company that actively invests in sustainable land stewardship by working directly with farmers (and paying them six times more than they would earn elsewhere). Needless to say, this power trio makes total sense in terms of accountability, production, and quality.

The result of the combined efforts? A can of cod that I would use to top literally anything (with my favorite GF crackers, tomatoes, and an herby cheese spread, it’s hands down the best lunch of the summer). I took the other half of the can and mixed it into my summer quinoa (with corn, feta, and scallions) atop a bed of arugula, and it was ridiculously satisfying. The cod acts as the missing element in any dish. It’s an unexpected luxury that manages to feel decadent even though it’s coming out of a tin. The flavor is unassumingly complex — smoked with natural wood and then infused with bright notes of citrus from lemon peel and a zesty zing from the Aranya pepper. The flavors of the fish hit your tongue in waves: first smokey with a hit of sharpness, then velvety, sumptuous, and umami.

Bottom line: Whether you’re a tinned fish fanatic or skeptic, this is one product not to miss. But it’s a limited-edition launch, so be sure to act swiftly or you just might miss it.

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