I Never Loved Sweets — Until I Made This Cake by One of Our Favorite Olive Oil Brands

published Nov 1, 2022
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graza caker kit
Credit: Graza

Confession: I don’t like sweets. There! I said it — go ahead and fire off the requisite questions. What about chocolate? Nope. Not even ice cream? Pass. I don’t mind, however, fruit-based desserts. I can get down with a small scoop of sorbet, and I’ll have a sliver of apple pie on Thanksgiving (so long as it’s not à la mode), but my favorite dessert is usually some sort of brown booze and a double espresso. The only sweet I’m a total sucker for? Banana bread. I also fawn over delicious, high-quality olive oil — which is why when I heard that editor-loved olive oil brand Graza had partnered with the team at The Caker, a luxury make-at-home cake brand, to put together a Banana Sizzle Drizzle kit, I was psyched. The kit is available starting today, Nov. 1, at noon, and is likely going to sell out fast, which is why you should smash that “add to cart” button ASAP.

Before I get too into it, let me just tell you that this cake rocks. My girlfriend loves baking, so I didn’t put up too much of a fight when she asked to be the one to whip the kit together, and while I normally have a bite of cake out of embarrassed solidarity with all of my sugar fiend friends, I had to force myself to stop eating what ended up being an amazing end product. 

Once you snag the kit, all you need is four ripe bananas to get started, since the kit includes a bottle of Sizzle (Graza’s everyday oil), a bottle of Drizzle (Graza’s finishing oil), a nonstick liner, cake mix, and icing mix. Whipping everything together was a cinch, and we already had a cake pan and a hand mixer — the only hardware you need — so the whole prep took about 20 minutes. And, once all the ingredients are mixed, you’re still left with plenty of delicious, restaurant-quality oil for searing, pan-frying, marinading, and finishing delicious meals at home. 

Credit: Ian Burke

I do have a few notes to keep in mind when you’re putting this puppy together. If you’re new to baking with olive oil, the icing might taste a little strange and olivey if you sneak a lick of it on its own. However, once you slather it on the cake, the flavors blend so perfectly together that you don’t even taste the oil — all you’ll be focused on is a sweet, banana tang with a crunchy crumble on top. As a heads up, though, when they say “every oven is different,” regarding cook times, they’re not kidding: Don’t forget to periodically check on the doneness of your cake. My laughably small NYC apartment oven tends to run a bit hot, and had we not been taking peeks every so often, we would have definitely scorched the crumble and torched the cake. Lucky for us — though, perhaps not for our diets — it came out great. 

Whether you’re a fan of sweets or not, this olive oil banana cake is a must-snag kit, especially before the holiday season is in full swing. This would be an easy-to-make home run of a dessert to bring to any function — or to just scarf down in front of the television on a chilly fall evening. 

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