Don’t Freak Out About the Gravy Boat: You Probably Already Have One of These

published Nov 11, 2010
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(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

Let’s face it: Gravy is a once-a-year thing for many of us. Do you keep a gravy boat in the cupboard? Raise your hand. No? Me neither.

But wait — no need to run out and buy a gravy boat just for Thanksgiving gravy duties. There are plenty of things in your cupboards that can serve gravy — and honestly, they’re probably cuter than a gravy boat! Here are five things from my own cupboard that have doubled as gravy servers.

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Here are five things I grabbed out of my own cupboards — maybe you have one of these or something similar?

  • Creamer
  • Small vase (well cleaned, of course!)
  • Pitcher
  • Glass carafe
  • Maple syrup pitcher

My own personal favorite is the little creamer, all the way on the left. Of course, it doesn’t hold very much, but it worked well for the small Thanksgiving dinner I had a couple years ago. This year, the dinner was a little bigger, so I used my favorite pitcher, which I bought in Portugal.

I also have a couple other creamers around, and small water pitchers too. These are all a little more multi-purpose; I use these regularly for serving cream with coffee, or milk with tea, or other hot beverages. I also use them for sauces and dressings. Any of these would make a great gravy boat and be very useful year-round too.

And of course there’s the bowl-and-ladle approach; you can pull your favorite bowl out of the cupboard, put it on a pretty plate, and use a small kitchen ladle or deep spoon to serve the gravy.

Personally, I just don’t think I would use a gravy boat very often, and I don’t want to give it space in my cupboard. But of course, you may love gravy and serve it all the time! If you are indeed in the market for a gravy boat, here are some excellent and elegant choices.

What do you use for a gravy boat? Do you own one? Or do you re-purpose other things for your gravy?