These Warm and Cozy Slippers Are So Stylish that I Wear Them Outside of the House

published Nov 15, 2021
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Credit: Javier Díez/Stocksy

What’s on your feet when you’re hanging out at home? I love a good slipper, but fluffy socks are just as sweet and I have a drawer full of them to prove it! I don’t really step too far out of my comfort zone when it comes to loungewear, and though faux fur-lined footwear has been growing in popularity, it isn’t a trend I hopped onto right away. I do have a handful of faux fur garments, but they don’t see a lot of action where I live in the South. Anything more than faux-fur trim just sounds like it would be miserably hot. Or so I thought, until I slipped my foot into the Faux Fur-Lined Slipper from Gravity Blankets and Modernist Studios.

When I first heard about the Faux Fur-Lined Slippers, I expected them to be the fuzzy slippers you’d typically imagine. When I opened the box to find a pair of canvas sneakers inside, I had to completely reframe my thinking! My shoes are pink, but they also come in gray and off-white, and all are lined with light brown faux sheepskin completely throughout the sneaker. There are holes for laces, but there’s a band of elastic holding the tongue in place, so the choice to lace them up is totally up to you. I could see it adding a little more support, but the shoes are fairly snug on their own, in my opinion!

Speaking of how snug these sneakers are, they feel like a DREAM. The first time I put them on, my jaw dropped from how soft and comfy they were! While the faux fur lines the shoes and can be seen on the outside, it’s not over the top. The sneakers look laid-back and stylish, so they’re great for wearing during home gatherings or for home cooks in the kitchen as they prepare a feast (as we know, Thanksgiving prep can be brutal on your feet!). They also keep your feet extremely warm. After minutes of wearing them, it felt like they were custom made for my feet, and I’ve even forgotten I’ve had them on a few times! Would I wear them to run errands or on a trip around town? No. For me, that would defeat the purpose of them being house shoes. I wouldn’t go much farther than my driveway in these. Not that the shoes can’t handle a day out, but they’re so cute and clearly for lounging that I wouldn’t want to prematurely wear them down. They’re definitely made for quick trips and chilling out at home.

I got so many compliments on these faux fur sneakers when I wore them to my grandmother’s birthday lunch! My dad was hosting it at his place, which also happens to be my childhood home, so I wanted to be comfortable but not overly casual. He doesn’t have carpet and the floors are always cold, so it was nice to keep my feet warm and look awesome for the party. Even though I don’t wear them outside of a home setting, these versatile shoes are meant to be seen. They’re comfortable, great for cold weather, and can be dressed up or down. What more could you want in a shoe than to be able to take the coziness with you? Oh yes… a sale! From now through November 17, you can get them for 25 percent off using code EARLYBF25.

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