Gratins to Marshmallows: 12 Recipes for Sweet Potatoes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sweet potatoes get a lot of press this time of year, as everyone tries to decide where they fit on the Thanksgiving buffet. But we love sweet potatoes and look for an excuse to eat them every day. From sweet potato soup with miso and ginger, to restaurant-style sweet potato fries, to candied marshmallows (yes! sweet potato marshmallows!) here are a dozen recipes for sweet potatoes that are good all year long.

We obviously left the plain old roasted sweet potato off this list, but it’s still one of our favorite ways to enjoy a sweet potato.

• 1 Sweet Potato and Sage Gratin – My personal favorite. Cuts the sweetness with a kick of chipotle powder!
• 2 Sweet Potato Soufflé With a Twist – The classic marshmallow-topped casserole, but much, much better.
• 3 Sweet Potato Muffins/Cakelets – Muffins? Cakelets? It all depends on the frosting! From Kim Boyce and Good to the Grain.
• 4 Candied Sweet Potato Marshmallows – Try these instead of the marshmallow-topped confection this year. They’re mindblowingly good.
• 5 Restaurant Sweet Potato Fries – A successful quest to make really excellent restaurant-style, crispy sweet potato fries.

• 6 Chili-Spiked Sweet Potato Fries – Another take on sweet potato fries. Crispy and spicy!
• 7 Sweet Potato Soup with Miso and Ginger – A thick, nourishing soup.
• 8 Sweet Potato and Tempeh Stew – Rich, comforting, and satisfying.
• 9 Roasted Sweet Potato Sticks with Rosemary – Another favorite way to do roasted sweet potato fries. These are soft, though, not crispy.
• 10 Sweet Potatoes with Star Anise, Ginger, and Lime – A quick, aromatic way to do sweet potatoes.

• 11 Herbed Skillet Sweet Potatoes – A quick, smoky dash in the skillet and these are done. So good!
• 12 Sweet Potato Tart Tatin – A spectacular dessert from Dam Good Sweet.

OK your turn! What’s your favorite way to cook and enjoy sweet potatoes right now?

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