Grape Nuts to Corn Flakes: 7 Recipes for Homemade Cereal

published Apr 5, 2011

If your breakfast of choice is dry cereal with a generous splash of cold milk, these recipes are for you. We had no idea it was so easy to make DIY versions of some of our favorite store brands!

1. Graham Nuts from Chow – This is a version of grape nuts based on a recipe from Kim Boyce’s book Good to the Grain.

2. Chocolate Cookie Breakfast Cereal from Family Fresh Cooking – Made with cocoa powder and gluten-free flours, this is definitely a healthier alternative for a morning sweet tooth.

3. Speculoos Cereal from Have Cake, Will Travel – Puffed kamut is sweetened with our favorite gingerbread-flavored speculoos spread.

4. Coco Puffmaranth from The Edible Perspective – Pop some amaranth and toss it with cocoa powder for this version of cocoa puffs.

5. Quick, Raw, Nourishing Homemade Cereal from Just Making Noise – A cross between granola and meusli, this cereal is great with milk. There’s also some good information on processed cereals in this post.

6. Homemade Corn Flakes from Dancing in a Field of Tansy – What cornflakes were always meant to be.

7. Nutty Bran Flakes from Mr. Breakfast – This recipe is just waiting for a handful of raisins to round it off.

Fruity Pebbles and Trix might be a bit out of reach for homecooks, but we’d be curious to try grinding dehydrated fruits into a powder and substituting that in the recipes that call for cocoa powder. Could be interesting!

All in all, we’re very curious to see how these recipes stack up to the processed versions we’re used to. Do any of you make your own cereal?

(Image: Chow)