Granola Squares, Bars or Wedges: Does Shape Matter?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I discovered my all-time favorite granola bar at a Canadian lodge one Christmas about eight years ago. We were in the middle of nowhere and I figured out pretty quickly that I wasn’t as good at cross-country skiing as I thought I would be, so I set up camp in the lodge with books, coffee and granola bars from the hotel’s small snack bar. They were so incredibly perfect that the granola bars are my most vivid memory of that trip. Not the dog sleds or the ice skating — nope, the granola bars.

Granola bars have been on my mind a lot lately as I’m in the beginning stages of developing one for my company, Marge Granola. And while I have a recipe that I’m beginning to love, a whole host of other issues and questions have arisen from consultants and industry experts: namely, the shape. 

When I speak to packaging specialists about the bars, there is a lot of pressure to decide whether I want a proper square, a bar, a wedge, a “nugget” (whatever that is) or a “single” — and each person I talk to insists it’s a make-it-or-break-it choice. Yesterday I was on the phone for a solid ten minutes with a company that detailed how the consumer will taste the granola bar and enjoy it in a different way, based on their emotional connection with the shape. 

So I’d honestly love to hear what you think: do you care what shape your granola bars come in? Do you have a favorite shape to slice them into when you make them at home? Is this all a lot of worry over nothing? (And it’s quite possible I’m in this camp.)