Granny Forks and a Truly Micro Kitchen This Time Last Year

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This time last year, we were wondering what 2010 would bring. The granny fork was one of our first discoveries, swiftly followed by an inspiring tour of a teeny-tiny kitchen. Read more below, plus how to make no-knead bread into a sandwich loaf, some ideas for winter smoothies, and a recipe for an easy weeknight cake.

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We love this bright and open kitchen design – look at all the counterspace!

• Here are six different crispy, crunchy, and chewy garnishes for your soup!

We’re always in the mood for soup this time of year, particularly ones that fill us up without weight us down.

• Winter can be a tough time for those of us who like fresh fruit smoothies. Here are a few ideas for winter add-ins.

• Ten very excellent ideas for using frozen broccoli, one of our favorite freezer staples.

This easy one-bowl cake recipe is perfect for those times when we don’t want to haul out the mixer.

• We’d love to have a few of these French Claybourg dishes in our cupboard.

Ever used silicone cupcake liners? We had some serious trouble with ours.

Granny forks are a surprisingly versatile tool!

Dry sautéeing is a great technique for cooking mushrooms – no added fat either!

A tutorial for shaping no-knead bread dough into a sandwich loaf.

Kittie’s micro-sized kitchen makes impressive use of every nook and cranny.

• Still recovering from holiday baking? Here’s some helpful tips for getting your kitchen back in order.

Curry leaves are an essential ingredient in Southeast Asian cooking.

• A winter farmer’s market can be a truly wonderful thing on a cold and drizzly day.