3 Super-Helpful Pie Tools Our Grandmas Absolutely Swore By

published Nov 18, 2021
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salted caramel apple pie in a pie dish on a table
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

Pie season is upon us! Whether you’re making pumpkin, pecan, apple, or something more surprising (chai spiced pear pie!), we are here for you. And so are our grandmas! Well, kind of. See, we know that grandmas are the real pie experts (or, better put, the real experts — hard stop). So we asked our editors about what pie-related baking tools their grandmas used to bake the best pies. We heard about three very useful tools.

1. A Pie Bird

“My grandma collected pie birds for years and years. They can be used with two-crust pies and act as little steam vents to keep the fillings from overflowing. I have two of my grandma’s pie birds: a little pheasant and a chef.”Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm, Former Tools Editor

2. A Wooden Rolling Pin

“My grandma would bake all sorts of pies on her northern Vermont farm, and she always used a wooden rolling pin. I’m lucky enough to have it now — the green painted handles are well-worn, indicating hard use over the years.” Patty Catalano, Contributor

3. An Oven Rack Puller

“My Bubbie owned a cake-decorating store in our hometown and I’d be willing to guess she stole this rack puller from the shop for her upstairs apartment one day when she was in a pinch. She was a big fan of pulling the oven rack out for easy access to reach her pies and cakes and now I am too. This way, I don’t have to risk putting my mitt-clad thumb right into my pie.” Lisa Freedman, Executive Lifestyle Director

Did your grandmas bake pies? Did they have any tools they’d reach for again and again? Tell us in the comments below!