Grain-Free Granola? Yes! Try This Recipe

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Granola is synonymous with grain, right? Oats are the most common sort of grain in granola, but what if you’re avoiding oats and other grains for health or diet reasons? There is indeed a way to make breakfast granola without any grain at all — and this recipe looks delicious.

This granola relies on almonds and seeds, like pumpkin and sunflower. So it’s certainly a bit more dense than traditional oat granola, and it might fill you up longer. It also has sesame, ground flax meal, and honey — how delicious!

Get the recipe: Grain Free Granola at A Foothill Home Companion.

Have you ever made an oat or grain-free granola? Got a favorite recipe?

(Image: Molly of A Foothill Home Companion)