Gourmet’s Favorite Cocktails 1941-2009 Gourmet

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One of our favorite holiday cooking features last winter was Gourmet‘s look back at seven decades of their favorite cookie recipes. Well, right now they’re doing the same for cocktails, and it’s one of the most fascinating and useful compendiums of classic cocktail recipes we’ve seen lately!

It’s also a very interesting historical look at trends in cocktails and liqueurs. As you might expect, the Manhattan and Bridge Punch are in the favorites from the 40s. As you move into the 60s and 70s, newer drinks come on the scene — more casual, and with fresher ingredients. The mojito, piña colada, and the Pisco sour all put in appearances.

We have to stay tuned for the 80s, 90s, and 00s, though; Gourmet will have those up in the coming weeks.

• Get the recipes: Gourmet’s Favorite Cocktails 1941-2009 at Gourmet

The cocktails pictured above are:
The Red Carpet
Fish House Punch

Have you browsed any of these yet? What are your favorite vintage and classic cocktails? Take a look at all our own cocktail and liquor coverage from Nora’s Straight Up column here:

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