The $20 Marshalls Gem That’ll Instantly Declutter Your Sink Area

published Jul 3, 2024
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hand holding and scrubbing dish under water at kitchen sink using a red scrub brush
Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe; Prop Stylist: Kristina Razon

Well, folks, it finally happened. After nabbing two apartments with dishwashers in a row, my luck ran out with my most recent one. I know that I’ve been spoiled so far — dishwashers aren’t a standard amenity in New York City — but I’m not really looking forward to cleaning everything by hand. I need to start coming up with tips and tricks to make my nightly dishwashing easier — starting here at The Kitchn — so that I’m prepared for my new normal when I move next week.

Another item on my to-do list? Finding a dish rack so that I don’t have to dry all of my cups and plates by hand. I’ve never had to carve out a spot on my countertop for a dish rack, but I know that I need one after reading reviews from my fellow editors. It’ll make the chore that much easier, and if you snag one that saves space, you’ve hit the jackpot. A dish rack that does both of those things and saves you money is available at Marshalls right now, so read on to find out more about this $20 gem.

What Is the Gourmet Home Two-Tier Dish Rack?

There aren’t many frills to this multi-tier dish rack, but it offers everything you could ever need in one. First, it’s constructed with two tiers, which means you get double the amount of surface area (ideal if you’ve accumulated a fair number of dishes in the sink). Plus, every inch of counter space is valuable, so there’s no question that you should get one that expands upward. You can also stack a number of items on it, thanks to the heavy-duty wires, which will keep them secure and prevent the rack from buckling under the weight. It comes with a detachable utensil caddy for further organization (and easy cleaning), as well as a removable plastic drain board, so you can dump the collected water in your sink before it gets gross. The icing on the cake is that its discreet design and white color will blend right into your countertop.

I don’t know about you, but $20 for all of that sounds like a bargain to me. I don’t want to shell out any more money on something that’s meant for a chore, and this one has all of the features that I need to get the job done. Products in Marshalls’ online store go fast, in my experience, so don’t wait to add this dish rack to your cart! 

Buy: Gourmet Home Two-Tier Dish Rack, $19.99