Got Hives? Beekeeping Now Legal in New York City

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Having a honeybee hive in your backyard (should you be lucky enough to have one) or on your rooftop has been trendy for a while now, as the urban farming movement has grown and flourished. But until last week, having bees in New York City was illegal.

Not anymore! The New York City Board of Health recently voted to amend the health code and lift the ban on beekeeping. So all of those secret beekeepers can lift their big, screen masks and proudly show their faces.

Think you’re interested? We’ve got links to detailed information about how to keep bees in the city, plus one Brooklyn resident’s firsthand experience.

Last spring, over at Apartment Therapy, Amy Azzarito described her efforts at rooftop beekeeping. Go see how she built the hive and introduced the bees to their new home in Brooklyn.

Click here to read about Just Food’s campaign to legalize beekeeping in NYC.

• To get involved, check out the New York Beekeepers Association.

(Image: Flickr member TheNickster, licensed for use under Creative Commons)