Got Ganache? 7 Things to do with Leftover Chocolate Sauce

updated Feb 28, 2022
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We made cookies with a dark chocolate ganache filling over the weekend. Whether we were being conservative with the ganache or the recipe was just off, we ended up with about a cup of it leftover. Which is now sitting in our fridge. Staring at us every time we reach in for something. Any ideas of how to use it?

We’ve come up with a few ideas of our own:

1. Truffles – The ganache has now hardened into a soft fudge. We can definitely scoop out little balls, roll them in cocoa powder or toasted coconut and call it dessert!

2. More Cookies! – Whether we make the same cookies or not, we could dip them in the ganache for an extra chocolate bonus.

3. Chocolate Syrup – Thinned out with a bit more heavy cream, this chocolate would be fantastic drizzled over ice cream or as the base for hot chocolate.

4. Chocolate Mousse – If we thin it out with even more cream, we could then whip it up in the mixer to make a quick chocolate mouse.

5. Fudge – It’s already at a fudge-like consistency, so why not eat it as that? We might warm it up, stir in some nuts and dried fruit and then pour it into a cake pan to set.

6. Chocolate Fondue – Warm ganache is perfect for dipping cut fruit, pieces of cake, marshmallows, and pretzels.

7. Topping or Filling for Cupcakes – We might night have enough ganache for a whole layer cake, but we could certainly stretch it out for a batch of cupcakes.

And if nothing else, ganache freezes very well so we can just stick it in the freezer until the next time we need it!

What other ideas do you have?