Got an Empty Peanut Butter Jar? Use It for Overnight Oats

(Image credit: Lauren Blake)

Between my daily breakfast of toast and almond butter and my husband’s post-workout peanut butter smoothies, we go through a lot of nut butter in my household. Normally I just give the empty jars to the dog to go to town on, but I really like this no-waste tip I spotted on Instagram from registered dietitian Lauren Blake: to enjoy every last bit of your nut butter, make overnight oats in your empty jar!

No-cook overnight oats made with steel-cut or regular oats are one of the easiest breakfasts out there, and making them in an empty nut butter jar means they’ll be even tastier and more nutritious.

Just don’t tell the dog.

Check out the tip: lauren_a24 on Instagram

What do you do with empty nut butter jars?

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