This Game-Changing Amazon Find Will Save You From Having to Clean Your Under-Sink Area

published Jun 23, 2022
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Afraid to open the cabinet under your sink? Well, you’re not alone. The reality is, beneath many of our kitchen sinks is a mess of cluttered bottles, leaking and spilling onto whatever mildewy surface is beneath them. Luckily, there are loads of game-changing organizers and accessories that’ll whip that dreaded cabinet into shape in no time. Here at the Kitchn, we’ve found a bunch of storage solutions that aid us in our quest for neat and tidy kitchens, but it wasn’t until we stumbled across this revolutionary Amazon find that we knew we could finally put that sticky, disorganized under-sink area to rest. Sound appealing? Say hello to the Gorilla Grip Waterproof Under Sink Mat.

After learning about how these washable shelf liners could save us from scrubbing our fridge shelves, we were shocked we didn’t look to find this product sooner. We’ve learned that just about anything can be lined and should be lined — under-sink cabinets included! This smart solution works to protect your cabinet from spilled products and small leaks and looks incredibly stylish while doing it.

Available in six sizes (some are sold out, though) and 21 color and pattern options you can cover any cabinet size and ensure it fits with your decor. Many reviewers even took an exacto knife to it, cutting the mat to fit perfectly around plumbing or in odd-sized cabinets. “The material feels substantial yet it was easy to cut it to fit around the cabinet ‘nooks and crannies.’ It is reasonably stable once you put it in place,” said one happy customer. Like so many others, this reviewer noticed that (even if cut), thanks to its 100 percent waterproof, thick, and naturally non-slip bottom layer, the mat stays put. Plus, unlike other, similar options, the Gorilla Grip doesn’t have adhesive backing, making it super easy to move when needed and, as this customer pointed out, “there is no sticky residue left behind and no fuss trying to get it exactly lined up.”

It’s covered in an ultra-absorbent felt-like fabric top. Any spills will be absorbed, dispersed, and dry quickly without ever leaking through to the cabinet underneath. One reviewer even did a mock leak to test its efficacy: “I tested it dropping some water on it like simulating a leak and it worked perfect, it retained it and my cabinet was completely dry.” Success! If you ever have an actual leak though — whether it’s water, soap, or another liquid product — you can throw the mat in the washer and it’ll be as good as new. Easy!

No one’s limiting you to using these solely beneath your sink though. Think outside of the box, like this innovative customer: “I put them on top of my washer and dryer,” smart right? They shared that the mats also work to “protect the W&D from getting surface scuffs.” Brilliant! We’re thinking of using them under potted plants, in the pantry, or beneath cookware, just as this reviewer did: “I decided to use this shelf liner for under the sink and for shelves where my pots and pans are. This liner is great because it softens to noise when putting my pots and pans away and it is very easy to clean.”

Bottom line: These simple solutions will keep your cabinets (and you!) happy and, of course, mess free. That’s a pretty good deal for just $18 if you ask us! Note that the price varies based on the color and size you choose, but regardless, they’re all super affordable.