Gordon Ramsay Roasts a TikTok Cook for Messing Up His Famous Scrambled Egg Recipe

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Gordon Ramsay and a plate of scrambled eggs
Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock/Kelli Foster

Regardless of whether you like the pompous and brash British chef or not, Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled egg recipe is among the best on the internet. But the celebrity and reality-show star, rarely known for keeping his mouth shut, really needs people to know that you only get that perfect egg texture and flavor if you actually follow the recipe — and now he’s taking to TikTok to give a piece of his mind to folks who fail because they tried to cut corners or make tweaks.

The 2011 video of Ramsay demonstrating the dish has more than 43 million views (not, it should be noted, the 65 million that Ramsay claims). Instead of whisking the eggs, you put them right into a cold pot with butter and place it over high heat, stirring furiously. You pull it off the stove, then back on, stirring all the while. “Treat it like a risotto, never stop stirring,” he explains.


##duet with @matthewinthekitchen There’s only one nob in this recipe and it’s not the butter !! ##fyp ##ramsayreacts ##tiktokcooks

♬ original sound – Matthew Merril

So when a food blogger on TikTok posted a video of himself failing to properly make the storied eggs, Ramsay couldn’t resist the opportunity to take him to task for everything he did wrong. Considering the nine-year-old YouTube video doesn’t have any amounts or times, and there’s a lot of hurrying involved, the mistakes aren’t totally out of line — and the irony is that he actually quite likes the recipe. Still, Ramsay posts his response — something he does often — critiquing the recipe. Too much butter, too much stirring, not gentle enough at the end.


Dear Chef Ramsay, this is my formal apology. Thank you for roasting me. It was the highlight of my week. ##gordonramsay ##eggs ##cooking

♬ original sound – Matthew Merril

The blogger thankfully took it in good spirits — and went ahead and made the dish again, incorporating the chef’s feedback: “I’m so sorry,” he opens, saying he’ll try to make it up to him. But at the end of new version, he tastes and says, “If I’m being honest, they kind of taste the same.”