Gordon Ramsay’s Trick for Ultra-Thin English Pancakes

updated Mar 3, 2021
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This week Chef Gordon Ramsay celebrated Pancake Day — a pre-Lent tradition — by posting his very best tips on Instagram for how to make thin, crispy English pancakes.

Gordon’s pancakes follow the classic European crepe-style (but don’t mistake them for actual crepes). They are not the thick, fluffy American ones that your grandmother once made. However, these elegant versions with fruit folded inside hold a whole different — and equally strong — appeal. To make the batter, Gordon whisks together 100 grams of flour, 300 milliliters of milk, and two eggs, then lets it rest for 15 minutes. Then it’s time to, in his words, “have fun and flip them.”

Ramsay gets a non-stick pan super-hot, hits it with non-stick cooking spray, then lifts it off the heat before depositing a single ladleful of batter in the center of the pan. He demonstrates his technique for spreading the batter, rolling it around in the pan, aiming to get it as thin as possible, then leaves it to cook on the heat. 

Then it’s time for his magic trick for successfully flipping the pancake in the pan: he picks up the pan and firmly taps the pan twice against the stove. With the pancake shaken loose, he jiggles it to the edge, then pushes the pan away, flicks his wrist, and it flips perfectly. Ta-da!

He finishes off the pancake with 30 more seconds in the pan, a squeeze of lemon and bit of honey, then slides it out and rolls it up. He also demonstrates a version with fruit inside, where he adds raspberries and strawberries in one corner and then folds it up into a neat little package. “Happy flipping,” he says, then adds a plea to “be safe,” though it’s unclear if that’s about avoiding the current pandemic or a recommendation for pancake practice.