Gordon Ramsay’s Reaction to This Dorm Room Filet Mignon Is Not at All What You’d Expect

published Aug 25, 2023
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Gordan Ramsay in kitchen.
Credit: FOX/Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay has a reputation that precedes him. Beyond his status as a world-renowned chef and restaurateur, Ramsay is known for being brutally honest and blunt in delivering feedback to aspiring culinary masters and home cooks. When a TikTok video of Ramsay critiquing a video of a college student cooking filet mignon in a dorm room started making the rounds on the internet, viewers everywhere watched with bated breath.

Gordon Ramsay and TikTok

Gordon Ramsay’s cooking competition series, Hell’s Kitchen, has been on for 21 seasons, and the secret ingredient of its success is Ramsay’s direct approach to mentoring. In 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ramsay took his sharp critiques to TikTok, quickly racking up millions of followers who tuned in to watch him voice his sometimes harsh feedback. The chef created a trend in which he’d duet a cooking video, reacting to the process in real time. The result? Hilarious, though often savage commentary.

Hell’s Kitchen Meets College Dorm Cuisine

In a now-viral TikTok video that has amassed more than 20 million views, Gordon Ramsay dueted a college student cooking up a filet mignon. The video begins with the amateur chef – ostensibly a student– seasoning the steak with salt and pepper as Ramsay skeptically observes. Ramsay grows increasingly impressed as the chef adds a touch of oil to a small electric pot, then adds the meat, which begins to sizzle. It’s impossible not to smile when they add the final touches of butter, garlic, and rosemary, eliciting high praise from Ramsay, who never holds back his truthful opinion. When the chef finally cuts into the steak, revealing a bright pink center, Ramsay praises them, exclaiming, “Bravo!” 

It’s unclear if the amateur dorm room chef will pursue a spot on Hell’s Kitchen any time soon, but it’s safe to say college students everywhere will be trying out this new approach to cooking filet mignon. Much like Ramsay, we’ve all definitely learned to never underestimate the creativity born of

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