I Tried Chris Paul’s New Line of Plant-Based Snacks and These Are the Ones I’ll Be Ordering Over and Over Again

published Sep 15, 2022
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I Tried Chris Paul's Good Eat'n Line of Plant-Based Snacks
Credit: GoPuff

If you’re like me, chances are you’ve offered one of your omnivore friends a plant-based alternative to something (like ice cream or mac-n-cheese) only to be rebuffed and ridiculed — if not cursed out. Now, when I say, “like me,” I don’t mean someone who follows a strict plant-based diet. I mean someone who lives by the motto, “everything in moderation, even moderation.”

What I’ve found through my flexitarian experiences is that sometimes, while the plant-based alternative may not taste exactly like the original, it could become a favorite in its own right. In my experience, however, that sadly hasn’t always held true with snacks — especially when the manufacturers are intentionally trying to replicate a popular snack like nacho chips or hot cheese puffs.

For those like NBA star Chris Paul, who switched to a fully plant-based diet nearly three years ago, (unsuccessfully) trying to find alternatives to favorite childhood snacks is not as easy as one would think. On a journey to make the plant-based versions more accessible, he reconnected with the team at food delivery service Gopuff to develop a line of “surprisingly plant-based snacks.” But, to be clear: Good Eat’n — which is now available across the Gopuff network — “is not for plant-based eaters.” As it seems, Paul revealed to Kitchn that the new line is for eaters in general or — as he puts it — “for people who love food.”

To that end, CP3 and the Gopuff product development team worked tirelessly to create a line of seven products that would appeal to anyone. And that effort started with the packaging: bright colors, bold fonts, and an adorable smiley face logo showcasing respective flavors on its tongue.

“I’m still learning and adapting to living plant-based,” the pro-baller told Kitchn. “And if you pay attention, you notice the plant-based options are always listed separately. At some point in this world, we have to get to a point where plant-based food can just be called food.”

The goal, he went on to explain, is also to use Good Eat’n to introduce alternative options to people who are considered “plant-oblivious” as well as those who are tiptoeing towards a plant-based lifestyle. And, of course, to recreate some of his favorite childhood snacks.

Credit: GoPuff

My Honest Review Of Good Eat’n Snacks

While most celebrity-based product releases may only include two or three varieties for an initial line drop, this particular one boasts an impressive seven that features popcorn, rinds, chips, and puffs. To give you accurate taste test results, I tried each of the Good Eat’n products in one sitting. And while I definitely walked away from the experience with favorites, I can say that they are all tasty enough to sit alongside their conventional counterparts. My flavor-by-flavor breakdown will give you a bit of insight on what you can expect from each one.

Carolina Style BBQ Popcorn: I went for this one first because I don’t think I’ve ever seen that combination of flavors on any snack. But as Chris Paul is from North Carolina, this flavor was meant to remind him of home, and after tasting it, I can now say it’s my favorite product from the line. With just a handful of those tangy, slightly sweet kernels hosting a slightly spicy kick, I immediately realized that keeping the entire bag on my desk was not the best idea. 

Classic BBQ Porkless Rinds: This is the level of creativity Good Eat’n is working with! While these didn’t necessarily taste like pork rinds, the texture and crunch delivered the same sensation as conventional pork rinds. The smokiness of the porkless rinds balanced the BBQ flavor enough for me — a staunch anti-BBQ snacker — to add this to my permanent snacking rotation.

Hot Hot Puffs: I’m not a spicy snack girl in the least, but once I heard from Chris and others that “Hot Cheetos” have been the hardest snack for plant-based brands to replicate, I had to give it a go. That interesting, not-quite-identifiable hot cheese snack flavor, however, was definitely front and center with the Good Eat’n version. But the puffs were a little too crispy in my opinion. I think this flavor paired with the sturdier “crunchy”-like cheese puffs would work better.

Credit: Tai Saint-Louis

Nacho Cheeze/Big Dill Ranch Tortilla Chips: My immediate observation with this variety was that the chip itself is an impressively quality chip! It’s very sturdy, has the perfect crunch and texture, but there’s nothing to take away from the flavors themselves. The Nacho Cheeze version hits the mark in recreating the flavor of big brand, conventional nacho chips. The Big Dill Ranch, on the other hand, was tasty but if I tried them without knowing what they were, I’m not sure I’d be able to immediately tell you what flavor they are supposed to be.

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Puff: I don’t know that I’ve ever had a donut puff before this, but it started out crunchy, then quickly dissolved to a creamy taste with a pastry mouthfeel. Of all the Good Eat’n snacks, this flavor was the most subtle. I suppose, it could work if you are looking for something sweet without offering up too much.

Cookies ‘N Creme Popcorn: I can see why these are CP3’s favorite treat out of the entire collection because the kernels — while seemingly being covered in icing — aren’t sticky or messy to eat. The chocolate and cream flavors are well balanced and with a hint of salt added to the mix, these manage to taste decadent without being overwhelmingly sweet.

All in all, it’s safe to say that Chris Paul and Gopuff have made a believer out of me and I’ll be re-ordering at least five of these snacks in the future. Each of the vegan and gluten-free Good Eat’n snacks are available exclusively through the Gopuff app, which means you have to be in one of their delivery markets to give these a try. And to meet Chris’ other goal of making plant-based options more accessible, they retail at a very reasonable price point, ranging from $3.29 for the Classic BBQ Porkless Rinds to $4.29 for the Cookies N’ Creme Popcorn.