Google's Great Recipe Search? Amanda Hesser Has Doubts

Google's Great Recipe Search? Amanda Hesser Has Doubts

Emma Christensen
Mar 24, 2011

Like many of you, we were wowed by Google's new recipe search feature. It seemed to take something we do every day, several times a day - ie, google for recipes - and make it streamlined.

Amanda Hesser on Food52's blog says, "Not so fast, everybody."

Hesser points out that Google's search engine caters to large food sites that are able to add extensive metadata to their recipes, like cooking time, calorie count, and recipe tagging. Most food bloggers can't compete without either spending a lot of extra time on their recipes or significantly changing the way they write and code their recipes.

That's discouraging enough in and of itself, but Hesser further explains that Google's search parameters of prep time and calorie count just perpetuate our cooking culture of fast, easy, quick, low-cal meals, cutting out any recipes that take time and care. (How the prep time is coded in a recipe is another issue - does a 24-hour marinade for a quick-seared steak count as a quick meal or not?)

Like Hesser, we're also worried that people will be misled by the quick and easy recipes they find on the biggest food sites through Google's search. Some of these sites have well-tested recipes, but frankly, many are not. This could end up discouraging many would-be cooks who would have found much better support and many more resources if Google's search parameters were expanded or refined.

Hesser's whole post is worth the read as she makes many excellent points with concrete examples to illustrate them.

Read the Article: Google's New Recipe Search by Amanda Hesser on Food52

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