These Are the Most Popular Christmas Cookies in Each State, According to Google

published Dec 16, 2022
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sugar cookies on a sheet pan
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

While some may prefer a slice of cake or their favorite pie, for me, the dessert choice that reigns supreme for the holidays will always be cookies. With endless variations of flavor possibilities, aromas that overflows the house, holiday cookies have a magical ability to bring out the festive side in anyone.

If while you’re perfecting your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe or trying out a caramel-stuffed amaretti cookie recipe, you find yourself wondering what people in other states are whipping up for the holidays, there’s actually a way to find that info out. And, you just may be surprised by the results. 

In a recently released Google Trends study reported by Axios, each state’s cookie of choice was revealed — and honestly, I was surprised at how much of a mixed bag it really is. With data taken from Google search history between December 3 and 9, the results consist of cookies that are “overrepresented” in a region compared to the rest of the country. And yes, there is a clear champion in the mix. 

Credit: Google

Sitting comfortably in the top spot, gingerbread cookies turned out to be the most-searched-for holiday cookie, holding down seven states — including Washington D.C. Coming in a very close second, variations of the peanut butter cookie also popped up in the searches of states like Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. 

A strong presence of “international cookies” was also prevalent, with Italian Christmas cookies showing up in the search history of six East Coast states, while sugar cookies followed closely behind in five states filled with residents on the hunt for their sugary goodness. 

Surprisingly, however, there were notable cookies that found themselves at the bottom of the list. Sugary confections like snowball cookies, ube Christmas cookies, red velvet cookies, Mexican Christmas cookies, and royal icing cookies each popped up in just one state’s search history. 

Whether your favorite cookie made it to the list or not. the best part about baking for yourself is that you control your destiny. Translation? Your favorite cookie is always the winner. Happy baking!