Good Seasonal Beer: Sam Adams Winter Lager

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Since moving to New England, Sam Adams Winter Lager is another seasonal treat that we’ve started looking forward to. From late November through January, you’ll find a 6-pack of this spicy dark beer in our fridge at all times!

The Winter Lager incorporates spices like cinnamon and ginger, but without going overboard (as some winter beers do) and not at the expense of the beer itself. It has a deep, almost toasted flavor that’s reminds us of old-fashioned gingerbread – not sweet, but more savory with warm, rich spices. It’s very (very) drinkable.

This is a fine beer to drink on its own or paired with food. It’s probably best suited to go with holiday desserts where the savory qualities of the beer will cut the sweetness of the dessert while still complimenting the flavors in each.

You might also try cooking with this winter lager! It would make an interesting addition to a pot of chili or as a marinade for a roast. Fruit stewed in Winter Lager would also be delicious.

Unfortunately, if you live outside of New England, it might be difficult to lay your hands on any Winter Lager. But we’re betting you have your own favorite seasonal beer!

Please share your seasonal beer pick and where you live so nearby folks can find it!

(Image: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)