Good Quote: Ruth Reichl on Cooking vs. Shopping

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I think the big misapprehension that people have is that cooking is time consuming. The shopping is the time consuming part.

We just listened to a fabulous (and rather heart-breaking!) interview with Ruth Reichl on NPR’s Fresh Air.

• Listen to the interview here: Ruth Reichl: A New Book And The End Of ‘Gourmet’ at Fresh Air/NPR

The interview was really worth listening to (not least because it cleared up our misconceptions on how to pronounce Reichl’s surname). She talked about the sudden, unexpected end to her career at Gourmet, and while she was unfailingly gracious, it was clear that this is still a very painful topic for her. She mentions how differently she would have done the last issue, the November issue, if she had indeed known it would be Gourmet‘s last.

She also talked about her new memoir of her mother, which treats her mother rather more sympathetically than her earlier books.

But after that, near the end, was the part that really made us prick up our ears, and also feel even more sad about Gourmet‘s end. Reichl talked about her real love of quick home cooking, and of meals you can put on the table in just a half hour or less. She shared a few of her own favorite recipes, which can be accessed at the NPR story page. But the thing that really grabbed us was this quote, and her assertion that just deciding what to have for dinner, and making a plan and shopping list ahead of time, is really what will help you get dinner on the table fast.

It reinforced our belief that Gourmet, while dealing with many high-end food trends and some weighty political commentary, was still helmed by someone who kept everyday cooks at the heart of things. We love Gourmet‘s recipes; we make recipes from that magazine more than all our other sources put together, and we already miss it.

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