Good Quote: On Simple Food, Simple Eating

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
God’s people wander
in the supermarket
     among chemical frozen pies
     overprocessed skillet dinners
     nutritionless snack foods
     soft drinks in throwaway bottes.
Like manna in the wilderness
hold fast
     vegetables from sun-warmed gardens
     protein-rich beans
     oven-fresh whole-grain breads
     home-canned fruit in Mason jars.

— More-With-Less, 1976

Not to get all simplistic on you here, at the end of the week, but this quote reminded me today of Sara Kate’s post on eating well and simply, yet celebrating our meals with one another.

It may be slightly tired, at this point, to harp on overly-processed food (and yes, I like a bag of frozen dumplings now and again) but it helped me to remember that there is something fresh and new coming. Winter is almost over; my options are about to expand. The warmth of the garden and farm-fresh foods will return soon. The grocery aisles offer a false convenience and ease in cooking; don’t fall for it!

Tonight, why not roast a potato? Why not fry an egg? Why not eat some greens? Why not bake some bread? Why not?

The lovely image above is from pahlkadot’s Flickr stream: Winter Vegetables in Spring Colors — what a lovely sight! And the quote is from More-With-Less — a classic of frugal, simple cooking, with an emphasis on whole grains, vegetable proteins, and minimizing meat. I really can’t think of a better cookbook for our times. It inspires me daily.