Good Quote: Dorie Greenspan on Carving a Chicken

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This paragraph may have been dashed off in eight seconds—it’s from a blog post—but it caught our attention for its lovely way of capturing the act of dismantling a whole, cooked chicken with skill and a certain tenderness toward the animal you’re about to eat. It’s from Dorie Greenspan (we read it after stumbling upon her stuffed pumpkin recipe), and you can read it below…

Greenspan had her friends Walter and Patricia Wells over for dinner, and she cooked a whole chicken in a pot, covered with wine and broth. It sounds delicious and a completely new, non-roasting take for us. There’s a link to the recipe below.

Here’s her description of Walter cutting the bird:

Walter was firm and sure with the chicken — he located the joints immediately, cut through them cleanly and quickly carved the bird into portions. Then, because in addition to being dexterous Walter is sweet, he scooped out the ‘oysters’ — those chunklets of meat on the edges of the back between the wings and thighs — and set them aside for me. And he carved off a piece of the breast bone — I’d call it the wishbone; he called it the pulley bone, a sign of his southern roots — and told me to guard that morsel, too. You gotta love a guy who can carve and coddle at the same time.

It just painted a lovely moment to us—a cook dealing with his food and his hungry spectator with careful attention.

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