Help! I Need a Flexible, Make-Ahead Main Dish for a Large Family Birthday Party

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Q: I have invited all my family (17 of us between 9 and 81) to celebrate a significant (cough 50th cough) birthday, and am drawing a blank on a main course dish. I am a reasonable cook but have limited kitchen space (small oven, small fridge, next to no freezer capacity) and would appreciate suggestions for a dish that I could prepare up to 24 hours ahead, leave to cook with minimal supervision, and is not too time sensitive (we’re not good time keepers). Meat or vegetarian is fine, and I live in a multicultural city so will have no problem getting hold of ingredients. Help, please, as I’m feeling decidedly uninspired!

Sent by Abigail

Editor: Abigail, how formal will this party be? We’re thinking make-ahead Barbecue Turkey Meatloaf, which you can prep ahead of time and bake just before dinner — or this old favorite dinner for a crowd, Slow-Cooked Pork and Ginger Wraps with a yummy peanut slaw.

Readers, what would you suggest?

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