Help Me Make a Vegetarian, Lactose-Free Side Dish for Easter Brunch

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Q: I need to make an Easter brunch side dish for six adults, which include two vegetarians, (one of whom is lactose intolerant), one person who’s allergic to soy, and one diabetic. Last year I made a roasted potato and vegetable hash. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Editor: You didn’t mention gluten, so I assume bread and muffins are OK? If so, I would recommend these Cheddar Leek Muffins. They’re delicious and would be a very good accompaniment for the egg main dish you say the host is making.

Now, as far as lactose goes, most cheddar cheese (like many other cheeses) doesn’t contain a bit of lactose. But I would substitute almond or soy milk (mixed with a tablespoon or two of lemon juice) for the buttermilk called for here in this recipe.

Readers, what else would you suggest?

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