Looking for Interesting, Unusual BBQ Side Dishes

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Q: I am throwing a surprise 40th birthday party for my husband. The majority of food will be done on the grill (ribs, burgers, dogs, corn, veggies) but I am looking to round out the menu with some new and interesting side dishes. Extra credit for dishes I can make ahead of time to freeze or store elsewhere, so I am not raising suspicion in my already sneaky husband.

There will be about 50 people, and I will be serving a wide range of ages, vegans, and omnivores alike. So filling, non-meat dishes are welcome! There will definitely be some Trinidadian and Iranian dishes from my side. Also, any fun booze ideas that aren’t too expensive for a big group?

Sent by Tisola

Editor: Tisola, we are big fans of grain salads. They can be made ahead, they are a wonderful dish for vegetarians, and they are refreshing and cool yet fresh and more unusual. Here are a few favorite recipes:

Readers, what are your suggestions for fresh, interesting BBQ side dishes, or for cocktails for a crowd?

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