How Do I Make Daigakuimo (Glazed Sweet Potatoes)?

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Q: Went to my favorite sushi spot the other night, and as a starter they served us the yummiest glazed sweet potato. I think it was called Daigakuimo. I’ve searched a few places for recipes, but none seem to be quite what I’m looking for.

Do you (or other readers) have any good recipes for these yummy little morsels??

Sent by Aimee

Editor: Aimee, here are a few recipes we found online — do any of these look like the ones you had at the restaurant?

Daigakuimo (caramelized sweet potato) – At eHow (pictured above)
Daigakuimo – At WikiBooks
Daigakuimo – At Recipes Wiki

Readers, any tips or good recipes for Aimee?

(Image: eHow)