Should I Buy a Molcajete or Mortar and Pestle? Good Questions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I’m slowly trying to transition my kitchen, piece by piece, into a kitchen with smart, multifunction tools, nice dinnerware and silverware. My current quandary is between a mortar and pestle and a molcajete.

Is it just that molcajete is larger and coarser? Could I make pesto in it as well? I’m trying to avoid buying both.

Sent by Stacey

Editor: Stacey, to our understanding, there is very little difference between a molcajete and mortar & pestle. Really, a molcajete is just a version of the other. Most molcajetes, though, tend to be shallower and wider than the mortars we see, so it’s a question of how you cook. Do you want a high-sided bowl for grinding spices to powder? Or do you want a larger bowl you can use for guacamole and other things that need greater volume?

Readers, do you have any advice for Stacey?

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