How Can I Cook Pancakes and Eggs in a Stainless Steel Pan?

published May 14, 2010
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Q: Since switching to stainless steel cookware, my husband and I have learned how to fry most things without crazy stickiness, but two things still have us stumped: pancakes and eggs.

How do we cook them without having to chisel them off the skillet?

Sent by Stephanie

Editor: Stephanie, first off, we always accept there will be some small degree of stick-age with pancakes and eggs in a stainless steel skillet, as opposed to a nonstick pan. Having said that, you can really minimize it by heating the skillet to the right temperature before adding any oil, and then keeping the oil the right temperature too. Here’s another place where our readers had a lot of great tips on this:

Readers, any other fresh advice for Stephanie?

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