What Can I Do With Lots (and Lots!) of Shredded Cabbage?

published May 12, 2010
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Q: This weekend I held a massive pulled pork party. We called it Swine and Dine in Porkdale (we live in the Toronto area of Parkdale). As side dishes we served fresh cut fries and a tarragon slaw. I completely over-estimated the amount of cabbage that I needed, and have about 2 freezer bags full of chopped mixed, unseasoned cabbage.

Any ideas (other than another slaw) of what I can do with it? I know it’ll keep for a few more days, but time is of the essence and it can’t go to waste. Help!

Sent by Tara

Editor: Tara, yep, you could make another slaw. But if you’re slaw-ed out (so to speak), what about a stir-fry with a little soy sauce and ginger? A quick stir-fry makes the cabbage cook down and wilt, so when we do that we go through a lot more cabbage. You could also pickle it or roast it. Here are some specific recipes!

Watercress and Cabbage Stir-fry
Roasted Cabbage with Bacon – works with shredded cabbage too!
• Easy Pickled Red Cabbage

Readers, any more ideas for Tara’s shredded cabbage?

(Image: Tara via email)