Help! What’s Wrong With My Coffee Brewing Method?

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Q: I bought my coffee-loving mom the Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder, but she’s had problems getting a good brew with fresh ground beans. She has had equally poor results with Metropolis, very old Kona beans from the freezer and store brand coffee, even with double the amount of coffee she uses with pre-ground. She also replaced her very old basic drip Mr. Coffee with a newer version to no avail.

Do you know why this might be happening? Should she be aiming for very coarse or very fine grounds? Or is the low-budget coffee maker the problem? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Sent by Debi

Editor: Debi, it’s hard to say exactly what’s wrong without knowing what qualifies a good brew to your mother. Does she think the coffee is too weak? Too bitter?

Overall, though, for a drip coffee maker the coffee should be ground quite fine. It shouldn’t be powdered like instant coffee, but it should definitely be small and fine — enough so that it could easily pass through a mesh strainer. If she isn’t grinding it fine enough it may not be passing on the flavor as the water brews through.

Readers, any suggestions for Debi and her mom?

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