Good Question: Best Camera for Food Photography

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear Readers,

I am so inspired by the absolutely stunning photos on other food blogs. For example, there’s 101 Cookbooks. Sure, Heidi Swanson is a professional, but I can’t help but drool at the photos on her site, thinking one day, maybe, just maybe, I can take photos that look that good.

She’s not the only one: Chubby Hubby turned me on to Delicious Days, Kuidaore, Nordljus, and The Traveler’s Lunchbox to name just a few. Some are professional; some are just good at taking pictures. But I also suspect they have the right gear.

The question is: what are the best digital cameras for shooting food? Often this means low-light situations, and also shooting very close to the subject. It seems most use digital SLRs and we’ve heard the Nikon D70, it’s cousin, the Nikon D50, and the Cannon EOS Digital Rebel XT are favored among the food and photo blogger glitterati.

Can anyone speak to the point-and-shoot category? Or are we crazy not to spring for an SLR?

(photo: Heidi Swanson)