How Can I Make Pickled Ginger At Home?

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Q: I love making homemade sushi, and my fiance and I make it fairly regularly. Whenever I get out the pickled ginger to serve as an accompaniment, however, the thought crosses my mind: Can’t I make a better pickled ginger than what’s in this can?

Please help me find an awesome, inspiring recipe for homemade pickled ginger. Also, any and all related information on pickled ginger would be welcomed.

Sent by Christopher

Editor: Christopher, what a great idea! We’ve never tried to make pickled ginger, but a little research seems to indicate that it’s not difficult at all.

First of all, what is pickled or preserved ginger? According to GourmetSleuth, preserved ginger is ginger that has been pickled in sugar and brine and then dyed pink.

Pickled Ginger at GourmetSleuth

The dye is a good point; we do know that the most authentic and fresh pickled ginger shouldn’t be pink; it will be pale yellow, which is the natural color of fresh ginger.

Here are a couple of recipes we found; they both look very simple!

Homemade Pickled Ginger at Fine Cooking. A very detailed and thorough set of instructions.
How To Make Pickled Ginger at – A no-cook method.

One tip: The Fine Cooking article recommends slicing the ginger with a spoon or a vegetable peeler. You will want very, very thin slices that are nearly transparent. If you don’t already have a mandoline (we like the Benriner) you might want to pick one up. It would be ideal for slicing ginger. (And see this post for tips on peeling ginger, too.)

Readers, do you have any experience in making pickled ginger at home?

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