Can I Store Pantry Staples in the Refrigerator?

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Q: Is there anything that shouldn’t be stored in the fridge? I have a large fridge that tends to be mostly empty because I live by myself. At the same time I have limited shelf space.

Is there anything that I couldn’t put in my fridge that normally is on the shelves — canned goods, flour, sugar, etc?

Sent by Jessica

Editor: Jessica, lucky you! That is great you have so much fridge space and can use it for your pantry staples. We give two thumbs up to storing things like flour, powdered sugar, and nuts in the refrigerator; this helps keep them fresh.

We can’t think of anything that would not be good stored in the refrigerator, except perhaps chocolate bars. And it might make sugar clump up a little?

Readers, any advice for Jessica?

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